Welcome to the Website for the National Neurological AIDS Bank

What Is The Purpose Of The NNAB Study?

The National Neurological AIDS Bank (NNAB), is a longitudinal study of persons with advanced AIDS and other serious diseases. It was first established to better understand how HIV-1 causes neurological disease and gain insight on commorbid conditions. The NNAB was created to respond to researchers, who need well characterized human tissue and fluid samples. The NNAB recruits volunteer subjects with AIDS and HIV-negative subjects with other diseases (such as cancer and ALS) to participate in our longitudinal study. All volunteers agree to donate their tissues and organs at death. The NNAB collaborates with scientists all over the world who are studying neurological diseases, and supplies them with valuable samples. Our participants include men and women, age 18 and older of a variety of ethnicities, racial backgrounds and socioeconomic groups. Complete examinations are conducted in both English and Spanish and participants are compensated for their time.

Want to Join the NNAB?

The NNAB is always looking to recruit new participants in our studies. Participants are compensated for each visit and can be provided transportation to and from study locations as needed. Individuals who are interested in participating in our research studies should call: 310-206-1151 and ask for the Study Coordinator.

Please take a look at the flyers below to gain better insight and understanding of our study.

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